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les enfants de '68...

LSD History

Publié par hippy sur 8 Mai 2014, 13:07pm

LSD History

There was no shortage of political, social, and medical disinformation about LSD, as this example, from 1969 shows:
For Kicks, a Lobotomy
"Those most ghastly suspicions about LSD have been confirmed clinically: The use of LSD--even once--renders a man or woman unfit to contemplate parenthood . . .-- possibly for life. Last week, doctors at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D. C., released the results of a study of pregnant LSD users. Only 22 of 65 expectant mothers (many of them teenagers) made normal deliveries of children. Those who aborted produced the. sort of freak fetuses which medical science one year ago predicted would he common among LSD users. Most of the fetuses showed brain damage. In several cases, the brain of the unborn child was outside the skull. Some of the young mothers had taken LSD once. Some had taken il many times. The same was true of the fathers, not all of whom were known. Some had taken the drug recently. Some had not had LSD for months. The conclusion is that LSD is a cause of chromosome aberration. It is tragic to think that a person at the tender age of 16 might remove himself forever as the potential parent o! normal children. The burden which these yet unborn but doomed children might bear is even more tragic."

LSD lore is mythic with perceptions, sentiments and opinions about the substance. Besides the old political disinformation and cliches, people envision mystical enlightenment and heightened sensual perceptions. As a mythical drug LSD can be everything to everyone, a focal point contesting social, political and metaphysical realities.


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